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Nathan's Home Theater
My Home Theater's Equipment list


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Well, here it is.

Sony Equipment Rack

One For All Cinema 7 Remote
Zealous "High Quality" Video Switcher
JVC Direct View TV

JVC Progressive Scan DVD player

Sanyo Betamax
Panasonic Omnivision VCR

Pioneer LDV-2200 Laserdisc player
Tascam 122 Cassette Player
Sunn SPL-4120 10 band EQ

Audiosource SS5 Dolby Pro-Logic Surround Sound Processor with ouputs/35x2 amplifacation for Center, Rears, and Subwoofer
Kenwood KVR-A70R receiver 75X4 (Mains & 2 channel music)

Sunn SA 21 P/A Amplifer 300X2 @8 ohms (Subwoofers)
2, Sony Towers: SS-U521AV 3 way speakers.
2, Kenwood Towers: JL-670 3 way speakers.

DIY center speaker with dual mid-ranges & single tweeter. This speaker is built to match Sony Towers as close as possible.
Dual Subwoofers in a DIY 3 Cubic Foot box.
Sony Playstation

Speaker wire is 10 gauge monster size cable.
Radio Shack Gold Series interconnects.
Theater calibrated with various test cd's and dvd's.
Current Movie posters--
Star Trek First Contact, Star Trek Generations, Star Wars EP1, Jurassic Park 3, Braveheart, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, U.S. Marshals, Lord of The Rings, 3-d DTS plaque, My own DIY Dolby Digital/THX plaque.
Movie Mylars:
Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles
Thirteen Days
Double Take
What Women Want
For The Love Of The Game